ED Study Participants Needed

Most adults have heard of, or experienced (first or second hand), erectile dysfunction (ED).  In the US, ~30 million men deal with ED.  If you are 50 years old man, then 50% of men your age will experience ED.  While it can be the source of many jokes, it's not a laughing manner when it happens to you or your partner. 

Men experience ED for many reasons, but very commonly blood flow is a good portion of the reason.  Why? More birthdays and co-morbidities.  High blood pressure, high cholesterol, medications, etc.  Sometimes it's a 'performance anxiety' issue, and sometimes a relationship issue, or nerve issue - sure.  But to have an erection, you need good blood flow.

We know there are options out there - pills, supplements, constriction devices, vacuum devices, injections, and then implants.  Newer options are low frequency lithotripsy, PRP injections and implantable stimulators.  Forty percent of the time, pills don't work.  And when they DO work, sometimes the side effects aren't worth it. 

What if there was a painless, quick and effective procedure that improved ED....

This is what I'm researching.

We know from other studies focusing on vaginal atrophy that radiofrequency stimulates the growth of capillaries (therefore improves blood flow).  And I know you're thinking - 'wrong gender, Dr. Ayo' - right.  Follow me...

If we can stimulate blood flow intravaginally, then why could we not do that in the penis and improve ED?

For those men in my initial study, most have experienced a clinically AND statistically significant improvement in their ED.  Some were able to come off medication, some were able to engage in intercourse when that wasn't a possibility before... I am seeking more patients so that we can continue this research and hopefully change the way ED is treated.

Research patients will need to commit to 6 treatments - once a week for approximately 45 minutes total (actual treatment takes about 15-20 minutes).  Future protocol can change as this is research, and along the way, we may find that there is a better way to treat patients.  

Call 865-675-4342 to see if you meet study criteria to participate!