Checkups are routine physical exams that monitor your health and help prevent diseases with early detection. Even if you feel perfectly healthy, regular checkups are essential to ensure you and your family remain on the path to good health.

Dr. Ayo and the team at Family Health Center provide complete solutions for a broad range of health issues. They offer a patient-focused, down-to-earth approach to preventing and managing a variety of conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • High cholesterol
  • Minor skin lesions

They also perform gynecological and well-woman exams, no-scalpel vasectomies, and early prenatal care/counseling. If you already have children, Dr. Ayo and her team are happy to provide ongoing care for the entire family.


What kind of checkup does my child need?

Dr. Ayo and the team at Family Health Center are dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of your child. In addition to dependable care and a nurturing touch, they provide a comprehensive list of pediatric services, including:

  • Newborn exams
  • Infant immunizations
  • Child immunizations
  • Sports physicals
  • Same-day sick visits

As a mother herself, Dr. Ayo understands the challenges of keeping a family happy and healthy. She offers honest medical advice and personalized care you can count on. 

What should I expect from an adult physical exam?

Dr. Ayo and the team at Family Health Center are committed to improving your health at every stage of life to promote healthy aging. That means routine checkups to screen for health problems and enhance your overall wellness.  

Depending on your unique needs, an adult physical exam may include:

  • Reviewing your health history
  • Checking your heart rate
  • Measuring your blood pressure
  • Visually examining your body
  • Updating vaccinations as necessary

Your provider may also take blood tests to screen for abnormalities that may indicate an underlying health problem. Women may also receive a gynecological exam, which may include a Pap test, pelvic exam, and breast cancer screening. Men may receive a testicular exam or prostate cancer screening.

Dr. Ayo goes out of her way to advocate for the health of her patients. If you’re looking for comprehensive and gentle health care for the entire family, call Family Health Center, PLLC or book an appointment online today.